Doodle # 20

This week has been an anxiety producing, while still exciting week. There hasn't been an evening where I've been home before 9:30, which is due in part to the week delayed doodle.

The term "flight" has been echoing in my head for days now due to a series of events that have happened.  It was only after a 'happy accident' earlier this morning while doodling did she finally take shape to "fly".

Doodle # 19

I'm still in awe that I am creating these figures.

Short winded because I'm running late to a friend's art show.

Doodle # 18

After waking up at 3:30 a.m. to get ready for an early morning at work, I was feeling really dull and uninspired by the end of the work day. However, I decided to stick to my daily routine and head over to my good ole Rivergate Starbucks. And out she came...

Listen to me.

Doodle # 17

I'm working more with faces. Jim keeps demanding I draw the pupils within the eyes---- but, that's one of my trademark things. I like the wide open hollow eyes. Heck, all of my creatures have always been that way so I am letting that follow into my form drawings as well. At least for now...

With this doodle, I felt the line work was fairly plain and I wasn't really feeling a theme. Not one of my favorites, but rather than getting rid of the drawing, I decided to use it as a learning exercise and tried a few of the tools within the Android app.

Title changes: Doodle # 16

So, let's face it. Realistically thinking I could actually doodle a single thing once a day (given what I do for work) was likely to fade fast no matter how "driven" I was feeling. So, given this realization, I am changing the title of the posts going forward. I will count each doodle rather than listing them by the day that the doodle was completed.
While I know now that life has a way of taking over, I still fully intend on posting several sketches per week so never fear!

This doodle was completed last Thursday, when showing one of my Starbuck-tians the ways of my Cintiq tablet.

(delayed) Doodle day eighteen

I don't think I have been more excited to post a doodle than I am right now for this piece. It's, again, something new for me which isn't something common. I, until last week, had NEVER once drawn a cartoon "human" figure, other than my creatures. So to see these women take form is really remarkable. Given especially that it's coming from my hand onto the screen.

There are some major shifts happening with my style.... It's a rather exciting time for me and my art right now.

(delayed) Doodle day seventeen

I'm trying to remind myself that this is not about making a perfect piece of work. It's not meant for each piece to be perfectly shaped. It's simply meant to allow myself to grow. 

However, I still cringe when I know I want to keep working on something yet I know I need to post.

If it weren't for my battery dying on my Companion Hybrid, this wouldn't be posted. There's too much wrong with it. But, this is a growing session. Not a perfection session. (If you only knew how embarrassing this is for me. I'm physically cringing!)

My muse somewhat showed up after all tonight... still toying with figure in the cartoon form.

Doodle day sixteen

Yes, I can count.
And, yes, I am behind on doodles for the past few days. Rather than fight to climb back up to my count, I'm just going to mark today's drawing with the current date seeing as I just spent five hours at Starbucks doodling it.

Today is something new. For those that know me well know how obsessed with pin-up I am. Today is the first time that I have created my own variant to "pin-up". In fact, it's the first cartoon human I have ever drawn in its entirety. Not meant to be provocative or pornographic, but more of a beautiful set of lines and curves.

(delayed) Doodle Day twelve

With my internet being down last night, you would have thought that I would have had made time to catch up with my doodles, spending quality time with my creative side or even with my beloved husband. Instead, I spent the evening in a frustrated manner with Comcast. Ick.

I'm now only two days behind (after this posting). No pressure.

I am starting to really get addicted to drawing digitally. While I enjoy pencil and paper, I find that I am able to tweak TONS without cumbersome eraser bits (RIP "Pink Eraser"). With that being said, I have been trying some new applications as I've mentioned in another blog post. I will post another entry soon, depicting what tools I use.

In the mean time, take a gander at the newest little bit.

(delayed) Doodle day eleven

Toying around with my Cintiq Companion Hybrid as an actual second monitor, rather than just an Android tablet. I'm also trying some software that I have yet to use on my Mac, although I am addicted to using the tablet variant (Sketchbook Pro). Hence the additional difference in the color and sketch marks.
I will gladly accept donations if anyone wants to chip in to help me purchase the software! :]

More delayed doodles to come this evening.

Excuse me while I walk my fish.

Doodle day ten

Ten days straight. I've accomplished more than I thought I would have! Not being hard on myself, but rather thinking realistically that I would have found something (some excuse) to stand in the way of completing this every day. However, it's just so therapeutic. And this tablet helps! One of the best electronic investments have purchased in a long time.

Doodle day nine

As I flip my tablet over to show Jim what I spent my evening at Starbucks doodling, he notes that all of my doodles lately (not including my "cheat"), have all the same shape. To which he quickly followed up, "I just know that you have more in you, more styles, I just want to see them, too".

I could never express into words the level of love and encouragement that man showers upon me daily. He is never judgmental or condescending, but just the opposite. He will never know how much of a positive influence he has been, how much he has nurtured the passion I had for my trade. For that, I will be forever grateful. He is my world....

(delayed) Doodle day six

This piece is a little of a "cheat", if I should be so bold to admit. A "cheat" simply because it isn't a doodle that I completed on the same day as the post. This was the first piece of art that I started when I got this amazing piece of equipment (the Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid), one that I continue to edit and edit and edit. I've resolved (slowly), due to this blog, that I just need to do art to be active and not be so concerned what the end result of the piece will be. Rather to enjoy the action of creating.

Doodle day five

Nothing much to say other than I feel like I'm already running out of ideas. Which seems nearly impossible. Perhaps I need to change the way I approach this challenge going forward.

Doodle day four

Some more of the same. I am fascinated by flying creatures as of late so I am not surprised that those are the things that are being created by my hand. Additionally, I recognize that I have a tendency to have my creatures look to the right. I remember reading something about the significance of this years ago, but the reasoning has left me now.

I'll just leave this doodle here for your eye-consumption.

Doodle day three

I'm beginning to see that this daily task will be, in fact, somewhat challenging. Several reasons come to mind, but that's irrelevant at this point because a doodle has been completed!

I think I'm going to continue taking one loosely based element from the previous drawing to incorporate into the next and see where this leads me.  So.... enjoy?

Doodle a day two

Day two brings about a lack of focus on my part. So, I was a bit all over the place even trying to create something.

Doodle a day... revisited

So, it's a new year with a new beginning. I've decided to challenge myself to one sketch a day. Considering I've tried this once before, I know it's proven itself a difficult task. However, this go round, I have both a phone with a built in stylus and a sketch tablet, so I no longer have an excuse, no matter how busy I am. Some days the drawing may be quick, some days may detailed. Surely there'll be some junk, too, but I'm wanting to create an art timeline for myself, to remind myself that I am still an artist.

Here's to a wonderful new year with artistic possibilities!