"Hey guys! Erin here, your peddler of 3D printed goodies as well as other forms of art!

I am an artist, geek, Ramen addict (those close to me call me the Ramen Princess) and lover of the late 1950's clothing era. I have drawn, painted, and sculpted all of my life. However, I also had a love for technology from a very young age thanks to my father. For years I have struggled with meshing these two loves, one always taking more attention than the other. Until, as God's good graces would have it, a 3D printer fell into my life. "


"This name goes hand in hand with the key tattoo on my left arm. 
Years ago I started to notice that people opened up to me really quickly. Surprisingly quickly in fact. I thought this was just due to my disarming personality but the more frequently it happened, the more I started to think of the symbolism that people are like locks and keys. I believe that God gifted me the responsibility of being a key holder---- that I am meant to "unlock" those around me."

"I am based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Born and raised on the outskirts of Detroit, I am proud of my northern heritage but am grateful of the experiences and people that I have met in Nashville.  

I am excited to admit that my art is constantly evolving, redefining itself (and me) in the process.

If you have any other questions, or would like a quote, please feel free to email or call."