And so it begins...

For a long time, I have complained that I don't doodle enough or that I haven't done something more with the talent that everyone keeps saying I have. One friend in particular, went so far as to say that I was wasting away a perfectly good crazy mind by not sharing my art. While I have never felt as though my pieces can be called much more than doodles, maybe I am missing out on the "bigger picture". For years, I've gone through dry spells, hanging on to the tails of "look what I used to do" and never really having newer work to show. I somehow felt that because I wasn't actively creating, that I was somehow lying when I'd call myself an artist.

If my parents were here (Dad in particular), they'd be so frustrated. Rightfully so, mind you, given the fact that I'm not "pursuing" what I fought so hard for when I was younger. Granted, there are other aspects of my life that got more attention than others, but my art (and my waist line) has suffered the most.

So.... how do I take an active part in changing this, you ask? Draw. Sketch. Create. It's that simple.Or, rather, it sounds that simple. I've carried a sketch book with me, everyday, for years, but have yet to actively use it. Until now. I intend on posting at least one image a day.... summing up some random thought of mine for that day.

A dear friend of mine sent me a link a few weeks ago, about an artist that did this very same thing. While I know this is not an original idea, I feel it's something that I need to do. So, here I go. I hope you enjoy (and I grow) from these random pieces of my mind... :]