Doodle #28

It has been a busy traveling time for this Fezell as of late. Hence I haven't been able to doodle as freely as I had hoped. However, there is a competition at work for creating the back of our 75th anniversary shirt for our staff. So I decided I would use that as a means of my creative outlet. This piece is the result.
This year, we're celebrating 75 years of "savings and service" and these shirts will be distributed to those that work on campus. For those that do not know, in the front of one of our buildings stands a sculpture of bears. While there are many variations to the story line as to why Cal Turner, Jr. requested the playful bear sculpture for our main building back in 1999, my favorite is the idea of a family bound. DG has given me more opportunities for growth in my career as well as relationships and I am eternally grateful. Whether I win or lose the competition, I just wanted to take some time to pay homage to the company that I so proudly have the opportunity to work for.