Doodle # 32

Sadly, I'm feeling rather disconnected lately in more areas in life than I'd care to acknowledge. Additionally, I haven't been feeling really "creative". Thus I've picked up a few illustration books in hopes that it will help trigger my inner cartoon and cure this overwhelming feeling of ineptness. That's got to be a characteristic that I've inherited from my father, as he was the type to believe any answer could be found through the use of a book--- whether that book pertained to the topic at hand or more often than not, something disconnected entirely from the question you are seeking solice from.

In the meantime, while I wait for my creative genius /sarcasm> to return, I decided to draw a squiggle. I decided that I would listen to the squiggle... to see if I could reveal the inner doodle it was hiding.

Somehow this squiggle turned into my oldest pup, Abby, the crazy Weimaraner.