Doodle # 37

I'm constantly intrigued by those that I encounter and the influence they have on me. Perhaps even more so by the individuals I've previously had the blessing of my paths crossing over. Either way, I am a better person because of those interactions. 

A dear friend recently asked me a question I have yet to be asked. He noted the necklace I was wearing (a large 1930's antique key) along with the keys within several of my drawings and wanted to know if there was something significant there. 
To which, here is my explanation...

I believe everyone is given a gift. While I can't speak for everyones, I can speak of mine. From a very early age, people have admitted to me that they were very comfortable with me quite quickly, feeling as though they trusted me within moments of meeting. It became more and more apparent how often this happened by the amounts of people I would meet daily and how easily people would open up to me. With this, I started to try to define this new found activity in my life. Thus I determined that my gift was likely that of a transitioner--- a person that is used like a stepping stone, helping a soul move from one difficult moment of their life into the next (likely better) step. In addition, I noticed similarities to that of something more tangible. Think of it like a lock and key. People like me are the "key holders" to those that are the "locks"--- those individuals that have barriers up to protect themselves. So, throughout all of my life, I feel like I hold the responsibility of being a "key holder", helping those around me by providing love and support, helping to nourish those various "locks" souls. 

While I have always thought this, I've never actually vocalized it because no one has ever been so aware to ask... From that simple question came this drawing. 

All in all, this drawing is inspired by those that I've had the honor of being called to be their key holder... as well as to those that are my key holders. 
I adore you.